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At BioTechData, we are passionate about providing end-to-end data integrity solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. We will leverage our 25+ years of expertise in Automation and Digital platforms, Manufacturing, Quality & Compliance, and Audit and will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and develop pragematic and fit for purpose solutions that ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Let us help you achieve your business goals.


My Story

I am the founder of BioTechData, a specialized consultancy firm that provides end-to-end data integrity solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. With over 25 years of experience in the BioTech industry, working for renowned companies such as Genentech, Roche, and startup CMO/CDMOs, I have developed a deep passion for helping companies navigate the complex world of regulatory compliance and data integrity. Throughout my career, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of Manufacturing Automation systems, Quality Management Systems, Digital solutions, Data connectivity, Quality & Compliance, and Audit readiness.

I founded BioTechData with the mission to guide clients along the path to robust data integrity, offering cost-effective and pragmatic solutions tailored to their unique needs. At BioTechData, we believe that achieving data integrity is not just about technology and processes, but also about people and mindset. That's why I am dedicated to working closely with our clients' teams, fostering a culture of quality and ensuring that everyone understands the importance of data integrity and their role in maintaining it. With my expertise and the support of the BioTechData team, I am confident in our ability to help our clients achieve their goals, maintain compliance, and create a sustainable and compliant future for their organizations.



At BioTechData, we're committed to helping our clients thrive and reach their goals. Every unique client is important to us, and it's our pleasure to share some of their reviews with you. For additional feedback, get in touch today.

Former Colleague

"Your leadership and technical expertise were crucial in achieving the outcomes and recommendations we presented to the C-level suite. Your orchestration during the 3-day workshop on 'Batch Disposition & Release' was invaluable, helping us pinpoint key components and identify essential technologies. Thanks to your guidance, we were able to draft a seamless, integrated approach that will significantly shape future implementations and workflow efficiencies."

Former Employee 

"Each day in this role has been the experiecne of a lifetime because my manager is as compassionate, intelligent, and motivating as they come. Just want to say THANK YOU for being in my corner this year, it means a lot!

Former Boss

"Your ability to walk into a room, examine a complicated digital and data landscape, and develop a pragmatic approach is truly a superpower. Your orchestration skills are a key strength, and I am grateful for your leadership. Thank you for leading with compassion, authenticity, and practical solutions."
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